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The premiere performance at the World Financial Center Winter Garden was followed by performances on the steps of The New York Public Library at 42nd Street, the Bronx County Building, Brooklyn Borough Hall, The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine, and the National Museum of the American Indian at Alexander Hamilton U.S. Customs House.

The Grand Step Project featured on Japanese Newscast



THE GRAND STEP PROJECT is a site-adaptive work for six of New York City's most magnificent public staircases commissioned by Dancing in the Streets for their 20th anniversary. 

Sponsored by Bloomberg, THE GRAND STEP PROJECT was produced and commissioned by Dancing in the Streets with the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council.

The inspiration for THE GRAND STEP PROJECT was 

the dynamic tension between the magnificent beauty and elegant grandeur of New York City’s grand staircases and the casual use a diverse public makes of them on a daily basis.  In the choreography, 50 dancers fill the stairs with movement that evokes the historic and contemporary uses of all six staircases. Each performance segment was preceded by an acclaimed choir singing from its repertoire, including members of the renowned New York Choral Society, singing classical and spiritual music; Highbridge Voices, a Bronx-based youth choir; Great Day Chorale, a Brooklyn-based choir singing spirituals; and the SilverCloud drum group performing Native American traditional music.


"As the piece accumulates complexity and the movement expands slightly beyond the ordinary, I'm struck by how skillfully Koplowitz articulates the space."

The Village Voice

"50 dancers in waves of motion, evoking the poetic chaos of city life..."

- Log Magazine

-  WNYC New York Public Radio Feature with Amy Eddings

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WINTER GARDEN, World Financial Center-June 15, 2004, Tuesday - All photos by Julie Lemberger 

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NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY- June 17, 18, 19, 2004, Thurs, Fri, Saturday

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BOROUGH HALL - June 25, 2004, Friday

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BRONX COUNTY COURTHOUSE - June 23, 2004, Wednesday

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ST. JOHN THE DIVINE - June 26, 2004, Saturday

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CUSTOMS HOUSE - BOWLING GREEN - June 28, 2004, Monday

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