Technical notes on the camera obscura:


• The LENS of the camera was custom built: It is an achromatic Doublet lens with 6 inches diameter and 102 inches focal length (f/17). The lens is fully coated to reduce reflections.


• The CAMERA was built under strict specifications to meet both public access codes and the needs of the artistic project which require the camera to be portable (able to be re-installed in different sites), large enough to accommodate as many as 25 people at a time.


• Our eyes naturally see things upside down; it is our brain that processes the image "right side up".


• Revealed Portfolio 1.0 consists of 22 photographs


• Revealed portfolio photos are archival pigment ink prints and measure 24" X 24"


• Portfolio 1.0 was created with a Hasselblad H2 camera with a 22 MP Leaf back, June, 2006.


A special portfolio of high quality photographic prints have been created using this camera obscura and featuring images from the site-specific performance. For information on viewing and purchasing these prints, please contact Stephan Koplowitz at


For more information about REVEALED or any questions, please write to the same address. REVEALED is actively seeking producing partners and sites for future installations and performances. Please contact Stephan Koplowitz at with any questions or information.

The Northfield Experience

Performances- May 4, 5, 6, 2018


 St. Olaf College and Carleton College

With support from the Northfield City Council and following institutions: 

The Northfield Experience was an immersive experience that included ten different works of media/visual arts, theater, dance and music. The aim was for audiences to experience their previously known town with new “eyes” and be immersed in different art forms, each medium specifically selected for the themes and spaces they inhabit. Audience members for each performance were divided up into "tour groups" and traveled through the town by foot and by bus to experience all of the works. Everyone started at the Grand Theater (for the video installations and the theater work A Special Place and regrouped for the finale, The Beginning which took place at the Northfield cemetery.

The inspiration for The Northfield Experience, was born out St. Olaf and Carleton College desire to collaborate on the creation of a site-specific performance event. When I made my first visit to both campuses, it was clear that the site they share, is not their campuses, but the town of Northfield whose town center is located directly between these two historic institutions. Creating a work, an event that would not only bring the two colleges closer together but also bring the community of Northfield into their vision for collaboration was part of my vision. The Northfield Experience, a true site-specific work of performance, utilized the history and the architecture of Northfield as the themes and content of work. A collection of linked performances, all sited in Northfield, became a true civic collaboration between the two colleges and the city government and stakeholders of the city of Northfield.

I was most excited me to partner with an entire community, create new works of dance, theater and media all in collaboration with students, faculty and community members of both colleges and the city of Northfield.

The Northfield Experience had five sold out performances and was seen by close to 1,000 people.

Conception and Artistic Direction: Stephan Koplowitz 

Lead Producer (St. Olaf) and Project Manager: Janice Roberts 

Producer (Carleton): Steve Richardson 

Production/Technical Manager: Todd F. Edwards 

Assistant Production Manager: Ashley E. Stock 

Costume Designer: Andrea M. Gross 

Assistant Project Manager: Harrison Hintzsche 

Experience Guides: Susan M. Carlson, Mary Moore Easter, Mishia Edwards, Rolf Ragseth, Marie Vogl-Gery and Susan Hvistendahl (Friday) 

Costume Shop Managers: Aimee Jillson (St. Olaf) and Mary Ann Kelling (Carleton) 

Video Documentation: Brittany Shrimpton (Producer), Stephan Koplowitz (director), Amelia Laughlin (editor), Jack Davis, Hunter Johnson (videography).


The Northfield Experience gratefully acknowledges the following sources of funding:     NEA, MSAB and Northfield EDA, and SEMAC 

Selected Press

Video Promo (3 months before premiere)

Video and photos of the artistic elements of The Northfield Experience

all photos by Dan Iverson and Stephan Koplowitz

Photo Gallery: Northfield Depot: Moving Past the Past
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Photo Gallery- Northfield Public Library: Reading Time

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Photo Gallery: Northfield Cemetery:  The Beginning

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Photo Gallery: The Grand-Installations

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Photo Gallery- The Grand-A Special Place 

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Photo Gallery: Law Office Installation

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Photo Gallery: Northfield Historical Society-Bank room

Photo Gallery: Orphaned Ole Singers,  Parade  and Guides
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Photo Gallery: Theater (De)Tour

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The Northfield Exhbition Experience