Technical notes on the camera obscura:


• The LENS of the camera was custom built: It is an achromatic Doublet lens with 6 inches diameter and 102 inches focal length (f/17). The lens is fully coated to reduce reflections.


• The CAMERA was built under strict specifications to meet both public access codes and the needs of the artistic project which require the camera to be portable (able to be re-installed in different sites), large enough to accommodate as many as 25 people at a time.


• Our eyes naturally see things upside down; it is our brain that processes the image "right side up".


• Revealed Portfolio 1.0 consists of 22 photographs


• Revealed portfolio photos are archival pigment ink prints and measure 24" X 24"


• Portfolio 1.0 was created with a Hasselblad H2 camera with a 22 MP Leaf back, June, 2006.


A special portfolio of high quality photographic prints have been created using this camera obscura and featuring images from the site-specific performance. For information on viewing and purchasing these prints, please contact Stephan Koplowitz at


For more information about REVEALED or any questions, please write to the same address. REVEALED is actively seeking producing partners and sites for future installations and performances. Please contact Stephan Koplowitz at with any questions or information.




War With the Newts was a new work of theater/dance inspired by writer Karel Capek's 1936 novel War with the Newts, an allegorical story about a race of newts (salamanders) who take over the world. The newts become a sensation much like our X-files aliens. Benighted sea captains, Hollywood starlets, evil captains of newtopian finance, as well as a looming apocalypse, comprise

Capek’s satirical and prescient vision of political intrigue, Netownian economics and reptilia (r)evolution. War with the Newts incorporated theater, dance and song, and a multigenerational ensemble of thirteen actors and dancers performing over 40 different roles. Koplowitz collaborated with award winning playwright David Lindsay-Abaire, who adapted the novel and wrote lyrics for the work with composer/lyricist Andrew Warshaw.




Conceived, Directed and Choreographed by Stephan Koplowitz

Text adapted from the novel by David Lindsay-Abaire

Music: Andrew Warshaw

Lyrics: Andrew Warshaw and David Lindsay-Abaire

Costumes: Christianne Myers

Digital Slide images by Mark Boyer

Lighting: Jay Ryan

Sound Design: Richard Martinez

Music Produced by Andrew Warshaw and Richard Martinez

Performed by: Jay Longan, James Sasser, Gordon Grey, Lorree True, Samantha Ross, Frances Anderson, John Ponzio, Meyung Kim, Katie Workum, David Gochfeld, Julie Klein, Roxanne Ramsey and Michelle Rivers


“A cast of actors, dancers, singers, high school students and adults brings a great satiric fantasy to life: Karel Capek’s ‘War With the Newts,’ a Czech novel of 1936 about the attempts of a race of newts to take over the world. As the story unfolds, it becomes a sharp commentary on politics, economics, oppression and the arms race.”

--Jack Anderson, NYT 5/8/98


“A great satirical fantasy came to life on Friday night when Stephan Koplowitz and Company staged its adaptation of Karel Capek’s ‘War With the Newts’ at Dance Theater Workshop.... The episodic tale was told in less than two hours.... The production...moved forward with verve and its twists of plot were both giddy and grim.”

--Jack Anderson, NYT, 5/12/98


“Director-choreographer Stephan Koplowitz has unearthed a brilliant allegorical novel, ‘War With the Newts,’ written in 1936 by the Czech writer Karel Capek.... This musical theater adaptation, written by David Lindsay-Abaire and composed by Andrew Warshaw, boldly explores prejudice, morality, greed and exploitation.”

--Lisa Jo Sagolla, Backstage, 6/26/98